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The Mission of E&L Global Outreach, Inc is to provide the information, training, contacts, and services needed by our customers in order to simplify business transactions between U.S. and Asian firms while reducing investment risk. This will help U.S. firms establish a presence in Asian Markets, and will help Asian firms establish a presence in the U.S. Market.

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E&L Global Outreach, Inc., was established in 1987 as E&L Associates, Inc. It provided consulting services in the area of Computer Technology for the fastest-growing segment of U.S. businesses. By 1994, businesses in the United States had started to shift their focus towards global markets and trade, so E&L expanded its corporate mission to include the field of Global Trade. In 2002, E&L became E&L Global Trade Associates, Inc. in order to align its name accurately with its new primary business strategy.


E&L Global Outreach, Inc. is a service-based corporation which is located within the heart of the United States' technology region in Silicon Valley. It is situated in Los Gatos, just 10 miles from San Jose, and 45 miles from San Francisco.

E&L continues to offer exceptional consulting and training by utilizing talented individuals from private industry (communications, finance, marketing, business planning); government; and education. With such a large population of highly trained professionals available to it, E&L is able to quickly organize advanced seminars on current trade and technology topics, as well as provide consulting services to businesses in need of advanced training.

Loretta Chao Helmrich is the founder and is currently President and CEO of E&L Global Outreach, Inc. Her education includes degrees in Fine Arts, Computer Sciences, and a Master's degree in International Transactions. She is an active volunteer in the Asian-American community, and is a member of Leadership Fairfax Incorporated, a Virginia leadership program.


E&L Global Outreach, Inc.'s mission is to provide education and assistance to both U.S. and Asian businesses in order to encourage the growth of global trade and trading partners. It is also committed to helping the environment globally by encouraging joint-ventures between Asian and U.S. corporations which use the latest technology in air and water protection.

Additionally, E&L has provided week-long seminars for Chinese officials and business people in cooperation with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). These seminars were developed and presented by E&L Global Trade Associates, Inc. Recent seminar topics have included 'U.S. Intellectual Property Protection'; 'U.S. Business Financial Planning and Regulations'; and 'How to Do Business in the United States and North America'.

E&L is able to produce focused seminars in most areas of U.S.-Asian business and trade as well as address issues of cultural differences and technology. Each seminar is custom designed to meet the needs of a specific group of businesses and/or trade delegates. We are especially proud of the the fact that 96.7% of all previous participants rated our courses as either Very Good or Excellent.

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Please contact us in the manner most convenient for you.

E&L Global Outreach, Inc.
222 Mattson Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95032-1108

[voice] 408-378-3423


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Loretta Chao Helmrich

Our President

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